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Usher’s Nude Selfie Was Only Part of His Really, Really Long Day: See Everything He Snapped

Usher didn’t just grace the world with a photo of his naked body on Thursday, April 28. The R&B crooner invited fans on his journey from Los Angeles to Atlanta in his never-ending Snapchat posts.

The “Climax” singer — who is basically the new DJ Khaled when it comes to Snapchat — hit up The Boiling Crab in Los Angeles before jetting out of the city on a private plane. 

And no, there were no busy or annoying security lines that Usher had to go through to board his plane. His car just simply pulled up beside the aircraft.

Once onboard, Justin Bieber’s mentor snapped a selfie of his sleepy mug.

After he landed, another tricked-out vehicle picked up the artist to take him to his house in Atlanta. “How I should start everyday! Humor is the way 2 go!” he captioned a video of himself selecting a movie to watch on the ride.

After clicking through about a dozen movie trailers, Usher decided on Prince’s Purple Rain. He then captioned a shot of the late legend’s Oscar-winning film with the purple rain emoji. 

Once home, Usher walked into his gorgeous home, where his housekeeper Rosa welcomed him.

The 37-year-old crooner then took fans on a tour of his luxurious pad before he disrobed and broke the internet with the nude selfie. 

After taking a steam — and attempting to cover his private parts with an enlarged emoji — a shirtless Usher brushed his teeth before crawling into bed. 

“Yes I sleep in pajamas,” he told his followers. 

The day still wasn’t over for the singer, though. Usher’s never-ending Snapchat story starts to wrap up with him at a doctor’s appointment. “I’m alive!!” he captioned a video while a physician checks his temperature. 

So are we. But barely. 

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