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Lindsay Lohan — Egor Hit Me and He's Broke!

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0922-lindsay-lohan-egor-tarabasov-gettyLindsay Lohan had to hide her abusive relationship with Egor Tarabasov, and she also paid through the nose to keep them afloat … at least that’s what she claimed on Russian TV. 

During her interview with Russia’s Channel One, Lindsay said Egor hit her throughout their relationship … to the point she had to cover her bruises. 

She also said she supported Egor financially … even buying her own engagement ring — which would explain why she’s still wearing the emerald since they split. Kinda shocking because Egor is the son of a super wealthy Russian businessman. 

Lindsay went on to say the abuse made her more like her mom, Dina … who, of course, had a rocky and abusive relationship with Michael Lohan. 

As we first reported, Lindsay was very keen on meeting President Putin while she’s in Russia … and she doubled down on that during the interview, saying … “I really like him, he is very persistent.” Whatever that means. 

Egor’s already firing back — his rep tells us Lindsay’s claims are all false, and he’ll pursue legal action to clear his name. 

Here’s the interview, if you want to check it out … it’s in Russian. 

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