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Justin Bieber — Booted for Baring Ass on Pyramids

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0108-justin-bieber-mayan-getty-tmzJustin Bieber pissed off the Mayan gods — or at least the cops who watch over them — because he allegedly dropped trou on pyramids in Mexico.

Officials in Tulum, south of Cancun, say Justin and his entourage got booted from the ruins on Thursday. Several reports say Biebs ran afoul of the temple cops because he pulled down his pants … but officially authorities will only say they did something outrageous.

Justin’s got a bit of history at popular tourist spots. Back in 2013 he caught flak at the Anne Frank Museum for writing in the guest book, “Hopefully she would have been a belieber.” He and pals also horsed around in the museum.

0108-subasset-justin-bieber-x17Later that year, he had bodyguards carry him on the Great Wall of China … which is frowned upon.

Yes, Justin … it’s too late to say lo siento.


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