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Ivanka Trump Discusses Her Role in Father Donald Trump’s Administration: ‘I’m Going to Be a Daughter'

Ivanka Trump insisted that she will not have a role in her father Donald Trump’s administration during the family’s 60 Minutes interview with Lesley Stahl that aired on Sunday, November 13. 

The 35-year-old currently serves as the Executive Vice President of Development & Acquisitions at The Trump Organization and heads her own eponymous fashion brand. “I’m going to be a daughter,” she said of how she will support her father as POTUS. “But I’ve said throughout the campaign that I am very passionate about certain issues. And that I want to fight for them.”

The fashion designer continued, “Wage equality, childcare. These are things that are very important to me. I’m very passionate about education. Really promoting more opportunities for women. So, you know there’re a lot of things that I feel deeply, strongly about. But not in a formal administrative capacity.” 

Although Ivanka will not be taking on a government position, she has been named to her father’s transition team, along with siblings Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner.

The businesswoman and her two brothers, who are also both Executive Vice Presidents at The Trump Organization, will remain in New York. “We have an amazing company. I think the fortunate thing for my father and our father is that he was able to step out of the company to run for Commander-in-Chief,” Eric, 32, said. “And I think he’s going to rely on us more than ever. We’ll be in New York and we’ll take care of the business. I think we’re going to have lots of fun doing it, and we’re going to make him very proud.” 

Stahl also asked whether the ex-Apprentice host’s campaign has hurt the family business. “I don’t think it matters. This is so much more important,” Ivanka said, while the President-elected chimed in, “I think what Ivanka’s trying to say, ‘Who cares? Who cares?’ This is big league stuff. This is our country. Our country is going bad. We’re going to save our country. I don’t care about hotel occupancy. It’s peanuts compared to what we’re doing.”

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