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Ciara — Baby Future Calls Russell Wilson … 'Papa'?!! (VIDEO)

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Future‘s worst nightmare just became REALLY real — his son, baby Future, is calling Russell Wilson … “Papa,” and it seems like a regular thing.

Ciara and Russell posted a video on Facebook Live as Russ seemed to be prepping for a TV appearance — and baby Future was brought in the room to give a “mama kiss.” No biggie.

But then he follows up by saying, “Papa kiss” … and plants one on Russell. You can also hear the assistant who’s holding him say, “Papa Russ?” It’s possible the kid was trying to say that and failed. Y’know how 2-year-olds can be.

The social media factor would also add insult to injury … if you’re Future, anyway. Plus, things are already strained — to say the least — between Ciara and her baby daddy.

So, we gotta ask …

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