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Chester Bennington Could Get Open Plot Beside Chris Cornell at Hollywood Forever Cemetery


Chester Bennington Plot Beside Chris Cornell Open Reunion in Death? 7/22/2017 1:00 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington might get an eternal resting spot right next to his dear friend, Chris Cornell. TMZ has learned the burial plot beside Cornell at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is available … and a source at the cemetery tells us they expect Chester’s ...

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Linkin Park's Upcoming Tour in Limbo Following Chester's Suicide


Linkin Park Tour in Limbo … After Chester’s Suicide 7/21/2017 9:53 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Linkin Park‘s impending tour has obviously hit a wall — and we’re told the band has not yet made a decision on whether to pull the plug in the wake of Chester Bennington‘s suicide. The “One More Light” world tour is set to kick off next week ...

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Celebrity Reactions to Chester Bennington's Death


Chester Bennington Remembered By Bandmates & Celebs 7/20/2017 12:29 PM PDT Musicians from all genres and several other celebs were stunned by the sudden, devastating news that Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington had committed suicide, and his own bandmates also tweeted their shock. TMZ broke the story … Chester hanged himself Thursday morning at a private residence in Palos ...

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Quincy Jones Says He's the Victim of Financial Elder Abuse


Quincy Jones Sony & MJJ Productions Elder Abused My Pockets 7/19/2017 10:25 AM PDT EXCLUSIVE Quincy Jones says he’s the victim of elder abuse in his legal war over Michael Jackson royalties. According to new docs filed in the case — which went to trial this week in L.A. — Quincy says Sony Music and MJJ Productions took advantage of ...

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