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Busy Philipps Details 'Really Scary' Uber Ride With Husband Marc Silverstein

Busy Philipps took to Instagram to share a terrifying experience she and her husband, Marc Silverstein, had when they hailed an Uber in the early hours of Sunday, April 9.

“The craziest thing just happened to me. I feel like I need to share it with you,” the Dawson’s Creek alum, 37, said in a series of videos shared on her Instagram Story. “I said to my husband, ‘Oh, that guy was weird. Are you sure he’s not going to kill us?’ And then from the f–king way back [of the car], a voice is like, ‘I promise that won’t happen’ and there was just, like, a f–king crazy, scary dude in way back of this Uber.”

Philipps, who shared her account of the incident from a “safe” Lyft, continued, “So, basically, I was like, ‘I will not be killed tonight!’ and I jumped out and started screaming at this freaking creepy Uber driver, and I was like, ‘This is not happening. I will not be killed tonight!'”

The actress was laughing when she first started telling the story, but was visibly shaken toward the end as she recalled being afraid of the unannounced passenger. “I’m not trying to be alarmist or whatever, but I definitely feel like those guys were trying to murder me tonight,” she said. “I legitimately feel that way and it was really scary.”

Once Philipps and Silverstein returned home, they ordered a pizza and continued to share their tale on her Instagram Story. “It was the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me,” Silverstein added, saying his wife screamed “No!” approximately “50 times.”

The Cougar Town alum said her husband contacted Uber to report their bizarre experience, but did not contact the police. “I don’t feel like the police would have been helpful,” she said.

Us Weekly has reached out to Uber for comment.

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