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Beyonce Bails On Coachella, Doctor's Orders

2/23/2017 12:22 PM PST

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0223-beyonce-coachella-INSTAGRAM-01Beyonce has just canceled her gig at Coachella … because her pregnancy makes it just too dicey.

Bey cited “doctor’s orders” as the reason for bailing on the festival, which is interesting. She performed at the Grammys less than 2 weeks ago, but was seated for most of it. Obviously, doctors don’t think it would be wise to even attempt that kind of low-impact performance at Coachella 2 months from now.

As for the festival, sources tell us they are now looking for a replacement, and Beyonce says she’ll be back to headline in 2018. Makes ya think … she’s probably planning to release new music between now and then. 

Silver lining?


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